We believe in changing the “way” creativity is delivered!


PareenQ. When did you conceptualise an advertising and communication career? How did you prepare yourself before foraying in to the market?

I always thought that there was a lot of inefficiency in the advertising industry, and that can be solved by a firm which will offer multiple marketing/advertising services under one roof and be agile enough to respond faster to clients’ requirements.

I did little preparation before entering this field. I knew I couldn’t enter advertising straight. So I took a D-tour from Web Design/Marketing to Advertising. Digital Marketing still remains our strength.

Q. You have chosen a field which is tough to say the least. How do you plan to fare against the challenges? What kind of preparations did you undertake to achieve your goal?

This field is a mess. It has people with big attitudes, clients with lower and lower budgets and so many intermediaries that you find it difficult to deliver the value. Also, when value is delivered, client seldom acknowledges it.

But that is what we are here to change. This is just the start of it all.

Q. What are the strengths of your company?

We are agile. And we understand the new media. Innovation and creativity is taken for granted in our industry. They are no longer differentiating factors. No one says Ogilvy is better than Mudra or reverse. Awards are only for satisfying egos.

There is a lot of creativity in the advertising industry. We believe in changing the “way” creativity is delivered.

Q. Online marketing in general and social media marketing particularly is growing exponentially in prominence. How do you see their role in the near future?

I see that a lot of incumbent agencies are struggling to deliver solutions in the online space. They find it hard because the space is ever changing. This provides scope for smaller agencies to come and setup specialized shops to provide such boutique services.

But in a big way how this will change the marker, we are yet to see. Nothing major has occurred as of now.

Q. What lessons from the traditional marketing medium should we carry to the digital world?

Nothing new; Communicate in a language that the target understands and at a time when he is ready for it. Think of user experience and not of what you want users to listen to.

One thing that is radically changed is that all the communications happen in the real time. So agencies have to be more agile and have to be given more power over the brand. That was not true in the traditional advertising scenario.

– Pareen Lathia | Owner, Red Com


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