Business Meeting Creativity: How To Make Them More Innovative and Exciting


By Kara Masterson

Business meeting brainstorming sessions should always involve more than round-table discussions about problems, obstacles and solutions. No matter the industry, participants who merely sit around a table “talking” usually suffer enough fatigue and apathy to block creative thinking. Make your next brainstorming meeting innovative and exciting by showing participants that you value their feedback:


Engage Participants With Activities

Plan out fun activities that tap into the creative parts of their brains. For example, explain the problem or obstacle to participants and ask each of them to take turns, in alphabetical order by first or last names, saying aloud whatever comes to their minds. You might ask them to break into pairs and pretend that they work in a particular area and have to come up with an immediate solution. Lastly, since some incredibly creative people are less creative when under pressure or fearful of public rejection, you might set up an idea box at the meeting room door, hand out index cards and ask participants to drop their ideas into the box on the way out.


Offer Various Participation Incentives

A lot of people think more creatively when there’s some sort of incentive or reward for their efforts. For example, you might put participants into teams and offer restaurant gift cards to the team that comes up with a workable solution to a problem your business faces before the end of the meeting. Other incentives might include time off, cash and recognition. It’s no secret that some people have sudden moments of genius when they realize that they’re going to get paid or that their ideas or physical creations will receive acclaim.


Enhance Participant Cognitive Health

Dump caffeinated and sugary beverages and snacks at business meetings that provide temporary results and choose natural, brightly-colored options that offer lasting ones. All-natural ingredients jump-start creativity by providing nutrients that are critical to creative thought. Bright colors have also been associated with helping creative centers of the brain perform better. If you have budget concerns, invest in concentrated beverage flavors. Inexpensively make colorful and exciting single- and multi-flavor drinks by simply adding flavors to plain/sparkling water, tea or lemonade.


You don’t need to go on expensive scavenger hunts or retreats to inspire employees to come up with creative solutions. You only need to take away some of the stress that can undermine creative thinking by giving them a bit of fun and motivate them in various ways.


Author Bio-“Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family. Kara recommends looking into places like Monin for more information on livening up your company meetings.”


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