Higher the Risk, Higher the Return!


Neha Muhana Q. Tell us something about yourself, your education and ambitions while still pursuing education.

I am a simple girl who had a simple dream in her 7th Grade to become an engineer. This was because everyone around me said if you are a good student either become — a doctor or an engineer. I did aspire to become a doctor, but then I was lazy to do so because I had heard it take many years to become a doc so I thought I would do engineering. Then I thought Bio-medical Engineering would be ideal as it is a combination of both but once I got into it I realised that engineering doesn’t interest me actually. However I was never a quitter so I always thought of completing it.

I loved Thadomal Shahani Engineering College because I did a lot of extra-curricular activities there. I was in the drama team, won awards for the best actress and for organising events. So I thought of doing a Diploma in Event management when we had to do a compulsory internship in a hospital during our course.

I loved the management subjects and was keen on learning more. So I thought of applying to a school in the UK and finally did my MSc Management.

Q. Being from an engineering background why did you choose to get into this line of business instead of pursuing a career befitting your education? When and how did the idea of this business germinate?

I never thought of doing something in Engineering. I was worried initially because I was going to do something completely different. My engineer friends were either working at Accenture or Infosys or had gone to the USA for a masters in engineering, while I applied for a job in an event management company.

I got a job in Hanmer but to be honest couldn’t work as a Trainee. I always had this zeal and urge of wanting to lead. To be honest I am not a good follower. J

Q. What were the initial hurdles if any faced by you?

The hurdle I faced initially was, people taking advantage of me as I did not have an idea about business tactics and politics. But then you grow and learn. I am still learning, in fact I learn something every time I meet a client or even a vendor. That is something your management books don’t teach you and you learn only out of experience.

Q. How successful has Enthopia been in expanding its market given the rapid growth in consumerism in India?

Enthopia was a baby when it started. I believed I will do something with it but wasn’t sure what. Looking at the growth of the market today I believe companies are becoming a lot more thoughtful towards their employees and clients because now companies realise that it’s the employees and clients who make you who you are. This has been quite advantageous for Enthopia as now I don’t have to explain “why corporate gifts are so important”, as my clients are think so too. So yes, Enthopia is my baby and it’s growing every day. I am glad I thought of this.

Q. As Next-Gen entrepreneur what message would you like to give young people planning to start their own ventures?

I just want to say, don’t be scared and there is no point thinking that you want to learn at someone else’s expense first and then your own. The pleasure you will get when you earn 5000 INR initially in your own venture is the BEST FEELING in the world. Everyone who has done economics or finance would know. ‘HIGHER THE RISK, HIGHER THE RETURN,’ you have nothing to lose if a venture doesn’t take off; you could always go back to doing a job. But if you do a job instead you will lose out on PRECIOUS TIME. So just take the leap of faith, listen to your heart and believe in yourself.

– Neha Muhana | Proprietor, Enthopia


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