Madonna’s Guardian Angels, Age Making Headlines


Madonna's Guardian Angels, Age Making Headlines

Both Madonna’s “guardian angels” as well as her age have been in the news lately. After a fall at the Brit awards, she told the New York Times that metaphysical forces saved her. At the same time, controversy over BBC Radio 1’s choice to keep her off their playlist has led the station to explain that her age “played no role” in the decision.

Madonna Talks About Her Guardian Angels

The fall happened on February 25, when she was performing “Living for Love” while wearing a matador-styled outfit in the midst of bare-chested men wearing bull horns. A dancer moved to pull off her cape on cue, but the cape had been too tightly tied. She was pulled backwards onto stairs with it, where she suffered whiplash. But, within seconds she was able to get back up and keep dancing.

“I had so much adrenaline” going, she told the Times, that she didn’t feel anything when the accident happened. Of course her practice taking falls while riding horses helped, as well as her core strength. But there was also a more mystical ingredient, she said, claiming that “my guardian angels” helped protect her. “I believe the physical and metaphysical world” exist, she said, and that they are entwined — “as above, so below,” concluding that both worlds were helping protect her.

She did not clarify during the interview whether her talk of having “survived” and “being saved” meant that she felt her fall down the three steps had represented a life-threatening accident. It certainly hasn’t cast any shadows over the upcoming Madonna concert in London towards the end of the year. (You can buy Madonna tickets here for it.)

BBC Radio 1 Claims No Age Discrimination

Despite Madonna looking as if she’s going to make her 12th number-one UK album, BBC Radio 1 has kept it off their weekly playlist. The playlist claims it rates relevance to the station’s listeners as well as “musical merit.”

The playlist meeting happened on March 10, lasting a couple of hours during which the songs were chosen. Her “Living for Love” single was left off, despite the fact that her Rebel Heart album is currently outselling the standing number one (High Flying Birds, from Noel Gallagher) three copies to one with just 24 hours after release.

The new BBC Radio 1 playlist covered the time period when Madonna was expected to rank at the top of the album charts.

Responding to criticism over the omission, Radio 1 (which broadcasts mainly to 15- to 29-year olds) claimed it never bans an artist and stated her age would not have played a part in the decision.

Nevertheless Madonna told the British Sun newspaper that for artists in their 50s, as Madonna is, “you can forget it.”

BBC Radio 1 pointed out that the Living For Love track has been played on their station in the past, but said tracks are chosen based on “relevance to our young audience” and “musical merit.” Artist age, according to the station, is never a factor in the decision. The station stood by its decision to keep the song off its playlist.

The Living For Love single had previously been played a single time on Radio 1, during an evening show which allowed presenters to play tracks which aren’t listed on the official playlist. Artists currently on the playlist include Sir Paul McCartney, who with 72 years of age is about 16 years past Madonna’s age.


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