Retail, Food Processing Industry, and Health Care: LEDs are Here to Help


LED is a path breaking technology in the lighting industry. LEDs are not just energy efficient and ecofriendly but can be combined with IoT to devise smart solutions. Today, LED Lighting is the default electrification choice of almost all industries. Commercial lighting suppliers and manufacturers are also tailoring the technology to cater to industry specific needs. Retail, Food Processing, and Health care industries are especially making great use of this technology. Read on to know more.


Lighting is a fundamental factor that drives sales in the retail industry. The right kind of lighting enhances the look of a product, creates a welcoming ambiance and raises the total time spent by the customers in a store.

Importance of Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the actual colors of an object accurately. Low CRI will make the products look different from their true colors while high CRI will reproduce the colors far more accurately.
It is of immense importance to install lights with high CRI in a retail space. The more accurately a color is replicated, the better the chance of making a sale. This is where the LEDs can help. LED lights have a high CRI in the range of 85-95, which replicates colors correctly.

How Color Temperature Affects Mood

The color displayed by a light source plays a significant role in how we perceive our environment. Every light source displays a physical characteristic know n as the Color Temperature and is measured in Kelvin. At low temperatures, the light is warmer and produces colors like yellow and orange. With the rise in temperature, the color tones appear cooler, and the light gets whiter and eventually becomes blue. Research shows that people feel more relaxed and welcomed in warmer color temperatures.



In a retail space, it becomes necessary to set the right mood for the customers. Using LED lighting at appropriate temperature creates the right ambiance and boosts the sales.

Downlights vs. Spotlight for the retail sphere

The focus of lights is essential for any retail space, the beam angle and how well a product is lit makes the entire difference. Spotlights and Downlights both have their significance in the retail space.

Downlights Vs. Spotlights
Downlights Spotlights
LIGHTING ROLE General Lighting, Accent Lighting, and Task Lighting Stage Lighting, Flexible and Fixated Lighting
BEAM ANGLE Wide Narrow
USE Ambience; Create Drama and draw attention Attention to Detail; Emphasis on a product
PRODUCTS Helios LED | LD 90 Spotz LED | LD70



Helios LED | LD 90 by Wipro


Food Processing Industries must adhere to strict standards implemented by the governments across the world. The need for correct lighting is vital in this industry as there is a zero scope for error. LEDs are widely getting adopted in the Food Processing Industry for varied reasons.


food proc


The Use of LEDs in Food Processing Industry

Several unique qualities of LEDs make them a suitable choice for the industry. LED Properties like low radiant heat emissions, long life expectancy, flexibility, mechanical robustness, and compatibility with cold storage applications complement the needs of a Food Processing Industry.
Another important reason to choose LEDs is their High CRI value. LEDs are ideal for applications where visual inspection is of utter importance. Consistency and high efficacy of these lights also make them a preferred choice of food processing industry.

Clean room lighting technology for the Food Processing Industry

Lighting technology for industries (like Healthcare, Food Processing, and Pharmaceuticals) that require strict adherence to cleanliness and safety norms is termed as Cleanroom lighting. Not many commercial lighting manufacturers offer LEDs in this sphere. Only the trusted brands have the expertise to offer clean room lighting luminaires specific to Food Processing Industry. Wipro Lighting is one of the few brands that has a dedicated team of experts in this sphere and have established themselves as the leaders of Cleanroom lighting.



Vision LED | LC20 by Wipro
Recess mounted, bottom opening cleanroom LED luminaire



Medical facilities and healthcare industries are one of the most sensitive areas of work. There are many reasons why medical facilities must switch to LEDs and develop zero errors zones.


LEDs for MRI, Ultrasound, and CT Scan

Lighting is also imperative for MRI Facilities, Ultrasound, and CT Scan Rooms. Such facilities require a fast uptime, and they cannot afford system malfunction. In an MRI Facility, LEDs are the only option for lighting. Since MRI facilities produce intense magnetic waves, the conventional methods of lighting are inadequate. LEDs are virtually unaffected by magnetic waves, and they reduce downtime significantly. Add to it the illumination quality and longevity of LEDs, and they give the perfect lighting experience for a medical facility.
LEDs are integrated with IoT for use in facilities like CT Scan and Ultrasound Rooms. Since LEDs are dimmable, they result in better observation and keep patients comfortable.

Smart Lighting Solutions for Healthcare

IoT is being integrated with LEDs to produce smart lighting solutions in the sphere of health care. Luminaires that can be controlled remotely by a facility manager is a boon, especially for the healthcare and medical industry.
In hospitals, smart and connected lighting solutions are being utilized to address the needs of health care. Smart LED lighting can offer personalized lighting solutions to the staff and patients alike. LEDs coupled with intelligent controls can also help hospitals and clinics to cut down their energy consumption. Corridors, pathways, and reception area with the help of smart lighting solutions can effectively be lit only when required.
Today, LEDs have an added advantage over conventional lighting system, and almost every industry is using them. Sustainability, Eco-Friendly, Longevity, Energy Efficiency of LEDs tagged with the ongoing research and development by commercial lighting suppliers is positively driving the perception of the consumers. Being the only revolution in the lighting industry since Edison’s tungsten bulb, LEDs are rapidly advancing and becoming the default lighting choice.


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