Chandigarh, India – 25 February, 2016.

Amit Sharma, a new sensation acknowledging straight out of Chandigarh doesn’t seem to stop nowhere

anytime soon as the singer is stirred enough to make it big in the World of Music. After releasing his first

song, Oh Mahi, recently off his album, Kasoor, Amit Sharma will now release his sophomore track called,

Invisible Love on 28th February.

The second track from Amit Sharma’s debut album is produced by DJ Ritendra and Mavi Musical band,

with the latter also being the producer of Oh Mahi, Amit Sharma’s debut track. The lyrics of Invisible

Love are written by Amit Sharma himself and Rajesh Sharma as well. Amit’s singing skills is already a talk

of the town after the exaltations he received for his debut track, Oh Mahi. Fans seem to like the

Chandigarh singer and it would be interesting to see how the audience serve him after the release of

Invisible Love which is already highly anticipated.

Amit Sharma has gone through a lot to see himself advent in this world of Music and that just suggests

how motivated he is to make it big. After all the hard work independently, Amit Sharma is finally on the

platform where he can bring his desires into fruition. Music is all he knew from the start and this is what

his heart asks him to pursue. He was a Diploma student earlier persuading Mechanical Engineering,

however, it was his Music which kept on alluring him and finally, he is where he actually belongs.

When asked Amit Sharma about his journey, this is what he said, “I always wanted to make it big in

Music because this was the only thing I knew. Music is my life and I’ll keep on working hard.” We further

asked him to elaborate his second track from his album Kasoor, and he added, “Invisible Love will be my

second track from my debut album. I hope fans are going to like it and I believe most of them would

relate to the song. I mean to convey that sometimes; Love could be invisible. Invisible in the sense of

Love being felt from just one side of the coin. We all have feelings for the one whom we love, but there

is a strong possibility of we not being loved back. Be it a Boy or a Girl, if you love someone and that is

one side, then I am pretty sure that the Love would be invisible for him or her. This is what I want to

reflect from this song.”

28th February would be the day when Invisible Love will be in the town and as it explains the concept of

one side love, there are strong chances of some fans relating themselves to it. Amit Sharma’s album,

Kasoor is still due, but he has already released one song Oh Mahi and Invisible Love will be released as

well on 28th February. Oh Mahi was well received by the fans and was produced by DJ Ritendra, the

widely acclaimed popular Fijian Music Producer, DJ Ritendra is a very well known figure in his country,

Fiji. DJ Ritendra also released his debut album “Now that you’re gone” last year which was a huge hit,

and following the huge success that Amit sharma’s last song “OH MAHI” had he has once again kept

faith in the upcoming sensation and has produced “Invisible Love” too. With the song already released

we can only imagine the song to be of top notch quality and the duo of Amit Sharma & DJ Ritendra to

entertain their fans yet once again.


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