Series: Digital Marketing 101 – Part 1 Converging Online Marketing Methods

YBT's series of articles that helps you understand different aspects of modern day digital marketing. By Maryam Shaikh.

Media convergence and forming a synergy between different online marketing methods go hand in hand. While using only a select few methods of marketing may have worked in the past, the convergence of media has made it an imperative for marketers to reach out to consumers across digital avenues and devices. Yet, there are some similarities on how traditional marketing has transitioned into digital marketing.



While traditional marketing strategists could afford to focus their efforts on any one media, modern day online marketers have no such luxury. Not only do they have to utilize and integrate every online marketing avenue available at the time, but also proactively track upcoming technologies and find ways to merge them into their strategies as well. Hence, online marketing strategies have to be highly flexible and scalable, unlike the more fixed traditional marketing. However, with technological advancements taking place rapidly, how does one integrate different marketing methods? Here are a few ways that marketers can blend online marketing techniques:


  • Email campaigns including newsletters should connect the audiences to the company website as well as social media profiles. This way, consumers accessing different social networking sites will be able t view and access deals and updates.


  • Online adverts should not be merely about giving product into but should connect to your website to drive traffic and create a stronger awareness about the brand – all within the limited words allowed by the advert.


  • Use search engine optimization wisely to that your adverts are seen by the consumers that are most likely to make a purchase. Targeting and segmentation is a crucial part of the process.


  • Add a personal touch to your social media presence. The marketing in this world is mainly driven by word of mouth and hence it becomes important for your brand to connect with consumers on a personal level. Social media updates can be the single point of information for your consumers and this is where your viral marketing campaigns will take off.


  • Integrate mobile marketing into your social media marketing as consumers today are more likely to access social networking sites through their smartphones than from a desktop computer.


  • Lastly, never ignore web analytics. They are a strong tool that can help you improve your campaigns and drive better performance. So pay attention to what your web analytics are indicating and make this information a part of your decision making.


While online marketing is much more efficient than traditional marketing, one needs to be persistent and smart in their efforts for marketing campaigns to succeed. Simply creating blog posts, sharing them across social networks, boosting posts to drive ‘likes’, or sending off regular email campaigns is not enough. Your marketing initiatives have to be thoroughly and thoughtfully planned.


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