Chandigarh, India – 11 February, 2016.

Let us just face this, coming out on our own in this viable world specially in the domain of Music, isn’t

really a child’s play considering what it takes to commence yourself, experience failures and making your

way onto the top. But if you are able to do those things, then success won’t be far away and perhaps,

this is what Amit Sharma has managed to do.

Amit Sharma is a singer, hailing from Chandigarh, India who has been able to browbeat all the hard

knocks in his journey which started from the bottom, and perhaps, will end up being on the top. Amit

Sharma’s new single, “Oh Mahi” has exclusively hit the town and the artist seem to making a roar who is

overwhelmed with the fact that he just released his first and new single.

“The feeling is just incredible” said, Amit Sharma. He also added, “The fact that I’ve managed to put out

my first single is indeed quite satisfying and I hope that the fans will like it.”

For an artist who has just released his first single, we all know how big would be the occasion for him

and that is how it is for Amit Sharma. When asked about his latest single, Amit Sharma said, “Well, the

song is called “Oh Mahi”, of course you all must be knowing this anyway, but yes, the song is quite

comprehensive. The moment you’ll give it a listen, you’ll know what its all about. Its about the love, the

nature of it. And most importantly, its about the trust. How much faith that we should have in love.”

Said, Amit Sharma. He also added some more words later on saying, “See, some people actually don’t

believe in Love and ridicule it actually, but it is not like that, the thing that matters the most in a

relationship is trust. Love is never fake, all we need is trust.” Amit Sharma was quite vehement here and

also has some bigger plans ahead.

He is also going to release his debut album as well, and “Oh Mahi” is the first single off it. The album is

named “Kasoor”

“Oh Mahi” was released on 30th January and is composed by Rk Aesh. One of the producers of the track

is DJ Ritendra, who is a Fijian Music Producer from Indian Descent and a very well-known figure in his

country. DJ Ritendra also released his debut album “Now that you’re gone” last year which was a

success and the fact that now he has produced a track for Amit Sharma is definitely a thing to be looked



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