4 Indian Cities That Are Fast Emerging on the Indian Real Estate Horizon

4 Indian Cities That Are Fast Emerging on the Indian Real Estate Horizon

Indian real estate market is all set to give excellent openings to home buyers, sellers and investors. There are opportunities that are lined up for investors and the even the foreign on-lookers. No matter what the scenario is, Indian realty sector is always on the rise. There are cities, such as Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi that have shown tremendous growth in the past few years. There were some loopholes seen but altogether, these cities have always been a high point in the sector.

Modernization is one aspect that has changed the face of India in a very short span of time.  With this, cities that were developed but not highlighted on the Indian real estate landscape have managed to grab the center stage. Another aspect that has given the right kick start is the high migration rate. With expats moving from city to city in search of job and a good life, the real estate market here in these cities are also going through a roller coaster ride. Affordable housing and rates as per the income group are two of the most notable results.

Here are 5 developed cities that are emerging as favored destinations for realty investment:

  1. Pune

Thanks to the IT industry; Pune has now turned into a major and most highlighted Indian city. Localities like Kharadi, Baner, Bavdhan, Kalyani Nagar, Wakad and Viman Nagar have turned out to be some of the major realty investment destinations. The advantageous location, proximity to the IT zones and closeness to the bazaars and malls make these areas apt for investment or even bare consideration. Despite being influenced strongly influenced by Mumbai, Pune has still managed to carve a niche for itself in this competitive market. The SEZs have managed to offer excellent peripheral accessibility to the social infrastructure.

  1. Chennai

The real estate market in Chennai has a number of property options that suit the needs of people with varying budgets. The infrastructure has grown to become perfect and connectivity to different cities from here has become quite an easy affair. According to industry reports, localities within Chennai are providing excellent appreciation on the Real Estate Investments. For instance, an investment worth Rs. 1 Crore in any residential project is expected to reach a value of 2 or 2.5 crore, depending upon the location. A buyer can have access to property up for sale in Chennai at a very nominal rate and that too at a very strategic location.

  1. Ahmedabad

The city that is known for its textile industry has now developed to become one of the emerging stars in the Indian realty galaxy. With a number of residential projects already garnering accolades and several others in pipeline, Ahmedabad is one perfect destination for investment. The best possible thing that has happened in the realty market of the city is the amplification of the residential property’s values. This makes it apt for investors and builders. As for the connectivity, NH-8 connects Ahmedabad to Mumbai and Delhi. Apart from this, airport and railway stations are in the close proximity of the residential projects built.

  1. Hyderabad

Choosing Hyderabad can be the best deal for realty investment as Real Estate Value of the city is all time low. The major reason here is the oversupply of residential developments and sluggish demand at this moment. The scenario can be considered to be a result of the Telangana fiasco that can be held responsible for the current bleak situation in the real estate of the city. More than half of the residential units offered in here are villas, high-rise buildings or posh gated communities and if sources are to be believed then prices may rise as well. If the situation occurs then investors can expect bumper returns on their money rotated. Hyderabad has the best infrastructure, excellent education utilities and developed social areas.

The cities are not yet fully ready to go and compete with Bangalore and Delhi but one thing is certain and that is their rapid growth on the center stage. In the coming years and with growing indicated numbers, these cities will mark their way up and will stand equivalent to major Cosmopolis.


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