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Golf makes a comeback in the Indian capital

Golf: A revival in Delhi
Golf: A revival in Delhi

After a hiatus of 112 years, Golf returned as an Olympic event in Rio last year. Many avid Golfers in India believe that this is good news and would encourage more and more young people to take up golfing.  If you look at the global trends, the game has witnessed  a potential for growth in emerging economies like India & China.   In India, Golf was considered an elite sport which only the rich and affluent could afford. However, this assumption is not entirely true. Over the years, Golf has risen up the popularity charts in India. And this can be attributed to the emergence of public golf courses in the country that has been instrumental in making the game accessible to the general population.

For instance, Delhi is home to one of the oldest and the most restrictive Golf clubs in the country. At the same time, the first public golf course that opened its doors to the general population to book a Tee Time session of the game in India was also built in the city of Delhi. For amateur golfers and those wanting to explore the scope of the game in the capital, here is the list of some of the best golf courses in Delhi and surrounding areas.

The Qutub Golf Club

Located just 5Kms off the ring road on the way to the Qutub Minar, the Qutub Golf Course in Delhi is the first public Golf Club in India. Built by the Delhi Development Authority in 2000, this is an 18-hole golf course, equipped with world-class infrastructure and training facility. For budding golfers and beginners, Qutub Golf course is an excellent option.  Centrally located and backed with advanced infrastructure, this golf course is the haven for beginners and pros alike. Breaking the stereotype that golf is a game of elites, this golf course welcomes all those who are enthusiastic about it.

For those who stayed away from golf just because of a lack of membership of a golf course, Qutub Golf Course is a perfect place to enjoy and admire the game. With professional trainers to assist new golfing entrants, this golf course never disappoints those who want to learn about etiquettes and tricks and trade of golf

Noida Golf Course

Founded in 1989, Noida Golf course is yet another golf facility in the NCR region that offers membership as well as public access to golf. Located within a comfortable driving distance from Delhi, this Golf course has earned quite a repute in the NCR region.  It is a first class 18 holes golf course of 6989-yard length surrounded with beautiful landscaping, water bodies, and greenery. The club houses a health club, restaurant, bar, billiards room library and even a card room. So, if you fancy a game of golf on weekends or entertain clients or guests, book a Tee Time at this brilliant facility.

Delhi Golf Course

The Delhi Golf Course is undoubtedly the oldest and the elitist golf course in the city. Unlike other courses, the membership at the Delhi Golf Course is very restrictive. This legendary golf course located in the heart of the city also serves the venue for the Asian PGA tour. This championship venue has two courses. The Lodhi course is an 18 holes layout, and the shorter Peacock course has nine holes.

A symbol of pride and honour, getting a membership at the Delhi Golf Course is not easy. In the 1940s and 50’s the facility struggled to sustain itself, today there is a waiting period of nearly 30 years to get membership at the club. The club boasts of high-class amenities and is regularly visited by top bracket politicians, industrialist, ex-servicemen and the affluent.

DLF Golf and Country Club

The DLF Golf and country club is located in the DLF V neighborhood of the city of Gurgaon. Located in the heart of the millennium city, this Golf course is the first of its kind in the NCR region. Equipped with flood lights, golfers can engage in a game of golf even after sun-set. Besides a sprawling golf course, the facility is also home to the first Professional Golf Academy. It is not only a premium golf club facility of India, but also of Asia.

Besides major hubs like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, golfing clubs are also being set up in satellite towns and Tier II cities like Manesar, Jaipur, Ooty, Hisar, etc. This is thanks to the growing interest towards the game. Secondly, golf has immense potential for growth particularly from the perspective of tourism. Therefore, overall there is a favourable environment in the country for the growth and popularity of this elite sport.


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