Book Launch of Poet’s Choice – A Bouquet of Roses By J.K. Roseline



Book Launch of Poet’s Choice – A Bouquet of Roses By J.K. Roseline

Poetry today, is slowly and gradually getting picked up for ideas.

Ideas for film-makers hungry for good scripts. Musicians to come up with their debut albums. Dancers and Artists, who are always painstakingly searching for fresh sources to exhibit their excellence in expression.

But who brought that trend first? The answer is  Poet’s Choice – by J.K. Roseline . On 21st June’15 –  Poet’s Choice – Bouquet of Roses was launched. This admirably creative addition, which is focused adorably at schools and colleges has brought up a flurry of interest all over the world.

It is a compilation of poems tapping occult genres that spring open any person’s imagination, making their hands itch to pen down a poem themselves when they realize how easy it is and that they too can do it.

Suddenly, few days after the launch, many people seem to be mimicking what Poet’s Choice  showcased at the launch. Few weeks into it, the idea has picked up so much that it is being reported in newspapers like #BombayTimes and #MumbaiMirror.

Akshay Sonthalia, the Publisher of the series expressed his delight to us at how well the series seems to be doing.

“Nothing  had prepared me for the honor and respect, I received at an ‘Open Mic Poetry Slam’ at #TheTeaBox, Richmond – London when I walked in there, just as another performer, passionately reading out my poems. It seemed like a no- brainer. When I said that I was from Mumbai and that I’ll be there just for that one time I felt like being uplifted off my feet, like a hero and at that moment I didn’t know.. for what?? But today, I can see how spirited the people there are. But that was not the end,  the very next day I found more than half the audience and poets who attended the show at #Richmond , having  purchased my book online. ……  I was on Cloud Nine. Of course, it uplifted my spirits and I expressed my deepest gratitude to all. ”

At the same time, the newly launched poet was visiting Florida after her launch and she shared similar views with me, when she shared that she had published her first ever collection of poems  with her friends and family there.

Poet’s Choice book launch videos can be viewed on Youtube. To view the latest one, click on this link :

Several Pre-Launch/Post launch activities and contests were conducted this time. Rotaract Club Of Bombay organized a LitFest on the 6th Jun’15 where Poet’s Choice made its presence. Living Local and Kerala in Mumbai magazines featured an article in their July Edition.

The unprecedented voyages of this Indian poetry book series, continue to surprise us as we hold our breaths and await the arrival of the next one.


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