Celebrating Art – Kokuyo Camlin celebrates ‘World Art Day’



Mumbai, 18th April 2016 – Celebrating and reveling in the arts, well-known stationery and art brand, Kokuyo Camlin has celebrated‘World Art Day 15th April’ in a unique way each year.  In 2014, Kokuyo Camlin got artists to showcase their creativity on the Kolkata Trams — a truly befitting and endearing legacy to the city of joy. In 2015, they created the World’s Longest Canvas — wherein in more than 3000 School kids from Mumbai created their vision of ‘Swacch Bharat’ on 7.6 km long canvas. This year to commemorate ‘World Art Day’, Kokuyo Camlin organized week-long celebrations andinvitedprominent artists from across the country to unleash their creativity by getting them to create their work of art on Cars in Jaipur. ‘CARTIST’ as it is aptly called — the artists showcased their creativity on brand new automobiles.


Commenting on the initiative, Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin said, “Kokuyo Camlin truly believes in promoting, encouraging and celebrating art for a good cause.  Every year we try something different and unique to celebrate `World Art Day’.  From painting on trams in Kolkata to hosting the longest canvas for kids to paint on in Mumbai; to inviting artists to paint on Cars this year in Jaipur — Celebrating World Art Day has become an occasion to revel in colours and celebrate the creativity that are unleashed each year by the artists — it is truly a fulfilling and enriching experience.”

In keeping with the Swacch Bharat Campaign that was the basis of its last year’s theme — the colourful work of arts that were done by the school children on World’s Longest Canvas; have now been recreated into tastefully colourful waste bags — A unique and different way of reiterating the Swacch Bharat message. These creative waste bags have been made by children from the NGO – Goonj and were distributed to kids at KidZania, R-City Mall on World Art Day.

These bags have been distributed to children for the purpose of collecting electronic waste which is very harmful for the environment and also affects waste management if it’s not segregated.  These bags will be taken by children to their schools to create awareness of project ‘Swacch Bharat”.


About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd 

Kokuyo Camlin Limited  ( formerly known as Camlin Limited) www.kokuyocamlin.com is in the business of  manufacturing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks.

In the year 2011, Kokuyo S&T ltd, a Japanese corporation engaged in the business of stationery, notebooks and school furniture acquired majority stake in the Company. Kokuyo S&T ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Kokuyo Co. Ltd., Japan. Kokuyo S&T’s product line includes office stationery, notebooks and office supplies.



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