Things Every Tenant in Chennai Should Know


Things Every Tenant in Chennai Should Know

Chennai has a different culture and therefore the lifestyle here is totally different from the rest of the country. The people here attach to their culture and do not put up with any sort of offense pertinent to the aspect. In such scenario, if you are planning to take up a property on rent in this city then make sure thatcultural know-how is taken care of at all times. As a tenant, it is your duty to live properly in someone else’s property, but apart from basic etiquette, you should also be aware of certain aspects linked to that particular state or city. The city is hot & humid and has a tightened society. You should be fully prepared to face these challenges and know some important aspects.


Here are important things that you should be aware of if you are a tenant in Chennai:

  1. Initial Rent Amount

According to a latest update, a Chennai court has said that the landlords in Chennai are now entitled to only month’s rent in advance. You will now have to pay just one month’s rent in advance and any amount paid extra will be refunded to you will be refunded as soon as you leave the property. This is one issue that is faced by tenants in different metro cities. People have to pay 12 months advance to the landlords, which is not possible every time. This one citing has reduced a lot of pain from a tenant’s life and you can reap benefits from this.

  1. The Cultural Difference

Chennai and its people regard their city and culture more than their life. You have to keep in mind that while renting a property in Chennai, there are certain traditional aspects that should be kept in mind. The core Chennai natives are strictly vegetarians, love utterly clean house and like to have a traditional atmosphere within their home. You have to make sure that your rented flat stays clean and there are least possibilities of you cooking non-vegetarian food.

  1. The Popular Locations

If you have re-located to Chennai for work or professional internship in an IT company then choosing to stay in areas, such as Sholinganallur and Thoraipakkam can be better. These localities offer proximity to well-developed IT zones and you can choose to rent a property within an affordable rental amount. If you are looking out for a rental property at a cheaper price then opt for central Chennai. Here, the surge in the rental amount is only 3 per cent and the very next zone on radar can be North Chennai.

  1. The Overhead Costs

You should be open to your landlord and this transparency should be pertaining to the extra costs or hidden costs. These hidden costs can be related to electricity bills, water bills and maintenance. Every city has its own rules and landlords ask for changes depending upon that only. In order to make sure that no further cost should come your way, have a detailed conversation with your landlord. Since Chennai has a different government and culture, thus you should ask the landlord here questions and stay steer clear of his demands and expectations.

  1. Few Other Aspects

South India is unique in terms of culture, temples and its beauty. There are instances when you have some choices to make and fear that they may not appeal to the landlords here. For instance, you have a pet or you are moving in with your partner (a live-in relationship that is now alright with many major cities), then you have to make sure that your landlord has given you a nod. You would never want to hurt their social or cultural sentiments. So, make sure that all such aspects are clear beforehand.


Chennai is a hot beautiful place and situations can be different for people who wish to stay here on rent or permanently. Try to hit all the 5 pointers above, so that last minute issues or problems later after moving in is prohibited.


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