Why You Must Embrace Green Home Technologies


Did you know? Buildings in India account for…

  • 33% greenhouse emissions
  • 38% energy consumption
  • 30% landfill waste
  • 12% water consumption

And, every year, built-up areas in the country grow by 10% with a whopping 700% increase in energy consumption!

It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities,

It’s time to give back to nature,

And for our children, it’s time to ensure that our homes do not destroy the world.

India has been a fascinating growth story. Our story of growth is also about stress on the environment and natural resources. Fragile eco-systems and endangered species are struggling amidst the fast expanding concrete. However, there is a silver lining on every cloud. Staying true to the traditional ethos of living in harmony with nature, Indian real estate is welcoming new technologies and innovative architecture to ensure a sustainable future. New-age financial solutions and subsidies are likely to encourage adoption of green technologies in the construction sector.

Your contribution, however small, is significant in creating an eco-friendly living space. Going green is an important milestone for your family where you create a positive environment for growth. It saves you lots of money as you pass down the lessons of conservation to the next generation and add to their inheritance. Green constructions and architecture are the flavour of our times and builders are incorporating environment-friendly and energy-efficient features like LED lights, waste management plants, urban forestry, natural ventilation, thermos bricks and many other design elements for your conservation and well-being.

Why do you need a green home?

Money, money, money

A green building creates many financial benefits for owners and tenants. Natural materials are compatible with the environment, while solar energy, proper ventilation, rainwater harvesting, water recycling, waste management and foliage help to cut energy consumption and save large amounts of money for you. Tenants are clearly attracted to buildings which offer reduction in everyday costs.

Environmentally safe with GRIHA

It feels great doing your bit to safeguard the environment. Buildings are responsible for one-third of greenhouse emissions and that portion can be reduced by 35%. Demand for high-quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient real estate is growing across India. It applies to both, residential and commercial spaces. And with our urban air becoming a pollution hazard, it is imperative that as an Indian, you seek green alternatives to safeguard health, environment and productivity. You can choose environment-friendly homes as per GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) rating. It evaluates how your home stands against accepted benchmarks of green buildings.

Better innovation

As an investor, you gain higher yield from green buildings. The practice also spurs design and material innovation, which is important for our nation. The “green wave” has brought forth new technologies, understanding of ancient practices and ample research interest. Green buildings are using traditional material and recycling old materials to reduce our carbon foot print. Reduce, reuse and recycle: that’s the mantra sustaining your green home.

A great start-up culture

Grassroots awareness will drive greater adoption of green technologies. Rural artisans, cottage industries and agriculture have felt a positive impact from the green drive. A new culture of entrepreneurs providing new solutions to builders is enriching the green economy.

Green buildings in India are becoming a part of culture. You should be thrilled to know our country was ranked #3 on a list of 10 countries by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for LEED outside US. India toady boasts of 1 billion square feet of green-building area. With over 200 million square feet of commercial space and 45 million square feet of construction coming up, you can say without a doubt: The sky is our limit!


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