Benefits of mobility take the PC market down a peg


Mobile devices are becoming more preferable when it comes for business to choose how to equip their employees. Its portability, mobility, cloud-based data storage BYOD concept makes desktop PCs to recede into the background.

Considering the moves on IT market, such a tendency is not just maundering. Consumers are switching to mobile devices causing PC sales to drop. According to Gartner estimation, the import and export of PCs will decrease to %4.4.

Mobile devices are what you really need if you want to keep up with the harsh competition on the market and increase efficiency of your personal work. And the following points are the detailed reasons to prove before mentioned statement.

  1. Portability

Modern mobile devices can display media, run different application, storage data and browse the Internet just the same like the desktop computer does. The question is why bulky PC should be used, when small and handy tablet, smartphone or laptop performs the same functions but more user-friendly, especially because of its size.

  1. Easy to Control and Manage

Mobile devices developers are constantly improving their operation system, adding new features almost every day, making it quicker and more powerful. Whereas PC hardware updates are seemed to slow down in its development. Although Microsoft release Windows 10, which surely improved PC market, but still the company said that it is the last biggest upgrades.

Moreover, lots of efforts are usually made in order to storage and manage data on computer. Although, it is secured by anti-viruses, passwords and locks, backing up data still leaves to be complex task.

While mobile devices avoid these challenges using enterprise applications and cloud passed services.

  1. Easy to Maintain

PCs are extremely cost demanding. Any hardware breakage or simple malfunctioning need repair, which can be not only expensive, but also takes many hours to solve the issue.

  1. Cloud-based Approach

There are some applications that are aimed only for desktop computer usage, but with many cloud-based versions of the same application, this is no longer a problem. For example, many businesses use Microsoft Office 265 or Google App.

What is more, cloud-based approach allows reducing the duration of downtime. When one employee faces device failure, he\she can log in from another device.

  1. Security

Mobile device can keep their data within cloud-based applications. And if IT hosts the same application on the desktop computer, user`s configuration preferences are stored there too. That is even when switching the device you use, you can still get an access to data. So, cloud secure user that data won`t be lost, it can be easily recovered.

Considering all the benefits, mobile devices grant modern businesses, still they are not so powerful so that to push PCs out of the IT market. First of all mobile devices depend a lot on Internet connection, where there is no proper connectivity, the whole process can stop, which will cause revenues lost. Also some applications are created in order to be operated with the help of keyboard and mouse. But nowadays, there are some decent keyboards designed for tablets.

With all pros and cons considered, mobile devices are developing with high speed. Sooner or late there will be no need for PCs exploitation in modern business world.


Alexandra works as a Marketing Manager for Glorium Technologies and possesses knowledge and experience of technologies making business process better. She’s eager to share her thoughts on this particular field.


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