Did you know watches speak for your personality?


Having a wristwatch is not just about adding one more accessory to your closet. It’s something that reflects about your attitude towards life and the school of thought you believe in – Utilitarian or luxury living.If you carry a timekeeper with you, then it is automatically assumed by people that you keep a tab on time also. Here you go! The first impression is made without taking much effort for it.

A huge collection of expensive and luxury watches are available in the market to cater to the need of those who want something special in their life. Women’s love for luxury watches is associated more with its precious value, but for men, expensive timepieces are an important medium to create a long-lasting impression.

A fine timepiece with your friend wakes up desire to have one for yourself, and you end up searching for the best brand that fits into your budget. Also, the watches that celebrities are wearing also act as a catalyst to bring forth your simmering love for luxury watches.

  • If Seiko, Guess and Tissot watches truly reflect your preference, then you are likely to be one among them who strive to strike the balance chord in everything they do. With a perfect amalgamation of sophisticated construction and trendy outer, these brands have created a strong base of customers across the globe.
  • If Centrix, Coupole, or Diastarcollection from Rado,and Maestro or Tradition Tango models from Raymond Weil are your first choice, then it’s obvious that you prefer elegance over the overstated bling. Timekeepers from such brands are epitomes of the classic beauty of wristwatches with a touch of subtle adornment. These timepieces may put a dent in your pocket, but the pleasure of owning them is priceless.
  • Your fascination for Omega Constellation watches showcases that you value sophistication and luxury, but without giving up on your love for simplicity. Not very expensive, as compared to other luxury brands, Omega watches surely don’t compromise with the durability and the finish.
  • Seiko and CITIZEN will take you in by their alluring range of sports and chronograph watches. Your preference for watches from these brands speaks for your love for complexity and adventure. A simple and straight path is surely not for you to step in.
  • When it comes to sports watches, Tag Heuer is a leading name and the first choice of those who value performance more than anything else. Focused towards accuracy and precision, Tag Heuer sports watches are ideal for those who value functionality and the brand reliability over the embellished timekeepers.
  • SuperAvenger and Superocean watches from Breitling are super sturdy watches for the dependable you. If dependability is your strength, then Breitling watches must be in your wish list. Even athletes are quite enthusiastic about watches from Breitling owing to their sturdy built.

Price of a watch is not the parameter to describe its characteristics and worth. Different watch collections boast of different features and it’s up to you to go with the one that best satisfy your needs. Why would you choose an expensive sports watch, when ‘Everytime’ from Tissot or ‘Classima’ collection from Baume & Mercier best complements your personality? Along with Rado, Baume & Mercier and Tissot watches, timepieces from other brands are available onlinewith Zimson.

If stones embedded in a watch attract you, then it’s quite evident that glitz and glamour are your passion for life. But, if you go for a watch just because it is embellished with various stones, then you are likely to be misguided by the glitter. Most of the stones that are embedded on watches are the synthetic ones with no resale value. So, it’s good to have watches with glittery stones from the aesthetic point of view, but that should not be your only criteria of choosing a timepiece.










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