Entrepreneur Café and NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups – Celebrity Night: A roaring success!!!


Entrepreneur Café and NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups - Celebrity Night: A roaring success!!!The Celebrity Night event that was held in around 70 cities in 6 continents on 26 March 2015 was a global roaring success.  It was a star studded evening graced by the celebrities of the business world that included Founders, CEOs, MDs, VPs and VCs. Our celebrity speakers were veterans from diverse industries like Adnane Adioui (Co-Founder – MCISE),Steven Marian (MD – Kaymu), Mahesh Murthy (Venture Capitalist), Suchin Jain (Founder – Inoviea), Ramesh Loganathan (MD & VP – Progress Software) and many other stalwarts sharing their wisdom and knowledge with young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hundreds of people around the globe had registered for the event to have a rendezvous with some of the most successful business tycoons. And their expectations were more than fulfilled as they experienced one of the most insightful evenings of their lives. They got a rare opportunity to have enriching and thoughtful conversations with our celebrities who have done it all and seen it all.The attendees also got an insight into the entrepreneurial journeys of our celebrities and made a note of the key take away from their experiences. It was a delight for everyone to hear their success stories and how they overcame the challenges faced during their journeys. Pure perseverance, resilience and self-reliance are the key qualities needed to keep one going through the hard journey of entrepreneurship. The other lessons were regarding people management, customer focus, decision making and risk tolerance.

Like our other events, this event too had a mix of attendees from diverse backgrounds. Some with their own established ventures, some who have just started up and others who are planning to start-up.There were discussions on varied topics like what it takes to start your own venture, prototyping your product and re-iterating it, pivoting your start-up and scaling it up, willingness to change your business model, finding the right mentor, branding& marketing and other nitty-gritties of business and entrepreneurship.The sagacious advice and inspiring words of our Celebrity Speakers motivated our attendees to travel the less taken road of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Café and NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups - Celebrity Night: A roaring success!!!As quoted by Professor Nikhil Agarwal, Founder of Entrepreneur Café Entrepreneur needs hand-holding, mentorship and support in their initial years before they can scale up. Entrepreneur Cafe is providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet physically in a fun, cozy and friendly environment over a coffee. Somebody said – a lot can happen over a cup of coffee …… we want to prove this saying”

The Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Cafe Sara Oueld El Hachemisays – “Our motivation is to bring together entrepreneurs, move forward together and create a strong community; a community of entrepreneurs who willbring innovative and symbolic ideas.Our goal is to encourage people to bring out the best of them and give them the desire and the will to undertake and improve the world.”

Entrepreneur Café and NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups - Celebrity Night: A roaring success!!!

This belief of theirs led them to conceptualize the Entrepreneur Café, a platform where entrepreneurs can meet and learn from each other, inspire other budding entrepreneurs, give advice or constructive criticism and grow their own professional network, just over a cup of coffee. As they say, a lot can happen over coffee indeed!

Since the inception of Entrepreneur Café, it has been fulfilling its very purpose of helping and encouraging hundreds of budding entrepreneurs across the globe. Our meetings are free and open to everyone. We have grown tremendously over the past three months, starting from 20 cities in the beginning of January to spreading our presence across 70 cities all over the world by March end!

Akanksha, the Global Lead of the Celebrity Night Event says, “A tough economy like ours needs more job creators than job seekers. There needs to be a mentality-shift, from a mentality of chasing a secured job to that of building your own dream. People should be encouraged to follow their passion for it will drive them towards success and happiness.” This ideology of hers led her to volunteer for Entrepreneur Café as she feels contented with contributing her bit to the start-up community by organizing events that bring the entrepreneurs together and help them learn from each other.  All our meetings are targeted towards encouraging and bringing budding entrepreneurs together so they can help each other learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have a pre-defined agenda for each of our meetings, accompanied by some new and exciting additions.

I would also like to add that we have been overwhelmed by the responses that we have been getting from our enthusiastic attendees. The Celebrity Night event has received really positive and encouraging feedback from all over the world. The attendees loved the great interactions with the great minds and were really pumped with lot of energy after being inspired from them. They would love to be a part of our future meetings as well.

At the end of the Celebrity Night event, we made an announcement of the Annual Global Convention of Entrepreneur Café – 2015, another three day mega-event with a high voltage convention agenda. The attendees seemed excited about it and showed interest in knowing more about the registration process and other details. Eagerly looking forward to this exciting global event – another great opportunity to learn and grow, fire up your business, meet investors and build a global network!!

For more information about Entrepreneur Café and updates regarding our events, stay tuned to our official website – entrepreneurcafe.org



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