How to prepare for your medical entrance exams on the go


While several students prepare for medical entrance tests every year, only a few are able to clear their exam. The right preparation for your medical entrance exam is a crucial factor which can help you crack the exam. However, in today’s fast-paced world, youngsters find it increasingly hard to get adequate time to prepare earnestly.



So while you may choose to prepare for your competitive exam by enrolling with the best medical entrance or IIT coaching center (for engineering exam); it can help you tremendously if you also master the art of preparing for your exams on the go.

Ways to prepare for your exam on the go.

  • Go digital– These days NEET or IIT coaching centers in India not only equip students with the necessary knowledge, but they also provide innovative and technologically advanced study platforms. For instance, is an excellent educational product that is given to students in the form of an SD card. One of the main advantages of studying via Aakash iTutor is that students do not need an internet connection to access the lectures and study material. All they need to do is plug-in the SD card to the device of their choice (desktop, laptop, or tab) and study at their own pace. Self-paced learning is a great way to prepare for the coveted NEET examination on the go. Students save valuable time and can replay, pause, and resume the lectures according to their convenience

Make review notes– Most competitive exams require answering multiple choice questions, as well as tackling the reasoning assertion segment. Make review notes on a piece of paper or your mobile or tablet and brush up on them as and when you get the time, no matter where you are.



Use your tab– Most coaching centers also give a lot of essential tips to students. Use offline course material on your tab to access the material during idle hours at school, in between lectures or on the bus or metro while commuting long distances

Listen to recordings– Most offline centers provide recorded sessions for future references and revision of the course. If you are tired of reading, then put your headphones to good use by listening to video lectures

Technology provides several useful ways to access study material on the go. However, without a proper frame of mind and determination, it is difficult to study for the exam properly

Here are a few additional study tips to help you prepare for your medical entrance test on the go.

A realistic study plan

Everyone makes plans, but very few get executed on time. Hence make a practical plan which is possible and can be completed successfully. Study at the most peaceful time for topics which are challenging and then do the revision while you are on the go, such as in between classes, while waiting for a friend, etc.

Refer to the limited study material

While we all have a habit of collecting several books for each subject; we hardly ever end up studying all of them. In fact, too much study material can lead to confusion especially during the time of revision. Instead, opt for a few books recommended by experts and keep a light book to carry and study from as and when possible.


Create formula sheets

Formulae are important to remember in order to crack your exam. However, you need to revise them regularly so that you remember them. Keep a sheet with all the formulae written and refer to it anywhere and anytime you have doubts.

Find ways best suited to you

While studying, most students have certain shortcuts which work well for them. Find the most useful ones such as- charts, formula sheets, graphs, etc. Several coaching institutes can also provide you with formula sheets, charts, etc. on the app you download. The best part about these shortcuts is that you not only save time while studying, but you can also access them always.

Be in the right frame of mind

While studying for a competitive medical entrance exam, it is likely for most students to take the stress and tire themselves. However, this will only affect your exam preparations adversely and will slow down your grasping power. A relaxed state of mind can grasp and retain much more information. Hence it is important to sleep well and dedicate a little time for exercise to keep your mind and body fresh.

Finally adopt these three techniques to concentrate no matter where you are-


  • Dedication/commitment
  • Time management
  • High spirit/willingness

So don’t lose focus and follow your path with dogged determination. Your goals aren’t far away. Just be steady and firm. All the best!


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