With Lybrate, Take Care of Your Mother’s Health


With Lybrate, Take Care of Your Mother’s Health

  • Company starts week-long initiative, #TimeToGiveHerBack, wherein you can ask queries related to your mother’s health from trusted doctors
  • The exclusive Lybrate page can also be accessed via Lybrate app on iOS and Android phones


New Delhi, May 8, 2015: Your mother spends her precious years of life in bringing you up, taking care of all your needs, sometimes even sacrificing her own desires. Only motive is: To see you happy and content.

If you think you can ever pay that back, it is impossible. While you can’t, you certainly can make her feel special and one of the best ways to do it is to take care of her health, which she, undoubtedly, always ignores.

To let children take care of their mother’s health and make them show their concern to her, Lybrate has started a week-long initiative, #TimeToGiveHerBack, which will enable them to ask queries related to their mother’s health problems from trusted doctors from across India and get them sorted out.

“Mothers keep making one excuse or the other when they have to see a doctor for some health-related issue. What they forget is that these problems which appear minor in the beginning could turn fatal in future. A right doctor’s advice at the right time can help the health issue nip in the bud. For children, nothing is more important than their mother’s health. So we thought to start a week-long exercise wherein children can ask queries regarding their mother’s health ailments from doctors and take appropriate action. Also, we are celebrating Mother’s Week as just one day is not enough for all that what a mother does for her children,” said Saurabh Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Lybrate.

Lybrate has 80,000 doctors from various specialities associated with it. So you can ask queries for your mother from cardiologists, orthopedists, pulmonologists, gynaecologists, dieticians, among many others.

All you have to do is to go on to the Lybrate’s page, , login putting your phone number and e-mail id and ask your query. The page has been exclusively created and will go live on the eve of Mother’s Day i.e. May 9, 2015. The page can be accessed for a week and can be get through through via Lybrate app on iOS and Android phones.


About Lybrate

Lybrate is India’s first and fastest-growing “mobile-based” healthcare platform. By seamlessly connecting doctors and patients through its first-of-its-kind health app, Lybrate makes healthcare more accessible. It empowers patients to get the right advice at the right time and allows doctors to touch more lives and help them with their extensive knowledge.

Founded by former professionals from Facebook and Snapdeal in 2013, Lybrate’s innovative communication healthcare platform brings patients and doctors closer. A technology-driven platform, Lybrate is India’s number one medical app.

Venture capital firm Nexus Venture Partners backs the company, resting its belief in the unique and revolutionary platform, where 70,000 doctors and health experts from varied branches of medicine are connected to millions of patients. With such strong network, Lybrate acts as the world’s largest online Out Patient Department (OPD).


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