The best part about being an entrepreneur is to be able to do what you love, follow your passion, live your dream!

hardikQ. What is Muziclub?

Muziclub is where you live music!

Muziclub is a platform that doesn’t just teach music, but upholds music as a part of your lifestyle. At Muziclub, we live, breathe, create and teach music.

As an academy, we have the kind of atmosphere that inspires creativity. We are disciplined enough to take our music seriously but flexible enough to allow the student to discover & explore music at his/her own pace. Our structured courses are designed according to the student’s specific needs. We offer high-standards of professional guidance along with the requisite theory to those who want to pursue music as a serious career, as well as to those who want to keep it as a hobby.

We also help the students prepare for Accreditations from Standard Institutes worldwide, like Trinity Guildhall College of Music Conservatory, London and Associated Board of Royal School of Music, London.

Our other initiatives:

  • The Sunday Jams: They are held every Sunday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. They are free for all musical gatherings where we have Teacher performances, Student performances, Artists/Bands performances & any one from the audience is also free to come up on stage, perform or share their views about music. The sole purpose of Sunday Jams is to give exposure to the Live music scene to the masses!
  • The Corporate Clef: An initiative by Muziclub where we teach music, organize workshops and performances inside company premises. Currently we are offering services to 4 companies across 7 locations in Pune.
  • Workshops: Regular workshops are organized for specific needs of students that are conducted by well-known artists and performers from the industry.

Q. How is it different from other music classes?

  • The teachers at Muziclub are all performing musicians whom we call ‘Faculty Artists’.  Which means they are active in the music industry and hence act as a great source of inspiration for their students?
  • We are focused on making the students good performers. All students, as a part of their program are made to perform in front of a live audience (starting with our Sunday Jams), which helps them gain confidence in their playing.
  • Muziclub is like a hub of musicians. You will always find people you’ll see in live shows in the city jamming at Muziclub, which provides the students a great opportunity to interact with different kinds of musicians and learn as much as possible.
  • We encourage all genres of music, from Hindustani classical, Carnatic and western classical to rock, blues, metal, electronica, etc.

Our Vision:

“We see a world where music is accessible to all and appreciated by all”

Our Mission:

“To nurture, foster and spread the love of all things musical“

Q. How was the business idea of Muziclub chalked out?

I’ve been playing music for more than 8 years now and have been part of the music scene & playing with different bands, I always felt the need of a place that helps artists & promotes this talent among the masses without exploiting them.

I had this idea of a startup that deals with anything & everything related to music. The drive became stronger after playing for my band Highway 61 which fortunately received a very good audience response.

I did my entrepreneurship course from S.P. Jain Mumbai. During this time I met Mr. Yogesh Rathore who also shared the same vision and passion and was ready to invest in the venture. He thought of the name “Muziclub” and the tagline “Live Music”.

He shared the idea with a few of his friends Mr. Devinder Chahal & Mr. Vinay Peshwa who also believed in the idea and pooled in resources. It took us 4 months to put the business plan in place and work out the details.

Muziclub was founded on 20th June 2010 as a 3 months pilot with me as a working staff member & 4 teachers. Within these 3 months we crossed our target of 50 active students!

Now after a year, we have 5 staff members, 300+ active students and 15 faculty artists!

And this is just the beginning! :)

Q. Tell us more about the people behind Muziclub.

The muziclub team includes:

Hardik Vaghela, Vivek Advani, Mohammad Muneem, Aakash, Vivek Advani & Sumana Sethuraman. Team Muziclub

Mohammad Muneem (also vocalist of Highway 61) having done his MBA in marketing and systems, is our Managing Director. His immense passion towards music and just his name draws people to Muziclub! :)

Vivek Advani, an Architect by degree and an immensely creative person is taking care of muziclub’s branding & infrastructure. He is also an equally talented guitarist and is also a faculty artist & designins the course material at Muziclub.

Sumana Sethuraman also comes from the IT background and is known for her time & resource management skills. She is handling all the administration and customer relations at Muziclub.

Aakash is our Assistant Admin and is responsible for all the groundwork at Muziclub.

Q. What are the goals of Muziclub in the coming years?

As of now, Muziclub offers services in music education.

We are looking at following in the next two years:

  • One more centre
  • Offering music education in schools
  • Artist management
  • Recording studio

Q. What makes you happiest about your entrepreneurial journey and what challenges you?

One of my batch-mates in SP Jain told me that ‘doing a job is 8 hours of work but running a business is 24 hours of service!’ – and I totally agree with him.

There is ten times the work I used to do at my job before I started this venture, but it is also ten times the fun! That is the best part about being an entrepreneur, to be able to do what you love, follow your passion, live your dream!

And it’s a tremendous learning opportunity. You learn every second, not only about your business and related subjects, but also about yourself. Things you never observed before start revealing them to you. Every day is a challenge, and it is NOT an easy job to run a business. But if everything went smoothly and there were no challenges, there would be no fun! :)

Family & friends raised a lot of questions when I took the step of leaving my stable job & starting my own venture. But I am glad I took this step right now than later. Coz I believe you tend to regret the things you did not do more than the things you did. Ten years down the line I did not want to ask myself the question “If only…” I am glad I am doing what I wanted to do and God has been kind enough through this one year of my entrepreneurial journey.

People have come to me saying, “You have taken a very bold step. I also wanted to do something like this… you are living my dream!” And I feel I have the responsibility to make their dream come true and inspire them. It drives me to work harder persistently each day and work towards a higher goal than just trying to run a successful business. The four things I tell myself each day are: Think big, work hard, be persistent and learn from failures… and life will be rocking!

– Hardik Vaghela | Muziclub


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