Believe in yourself and your ideas and be honest to your work


Bharati SharmaQ. What were your career plans when you first stepped out of college? Did things turn up as you planned?

Frankly speaking I wanted to get into a legal firm as I wanted to pursue law and it definitely didn’t turn out to be what was planned and am in to media now. I really consider myself lucky to be a part of this industry as I really hate monotony.

Q. Media is among the most glamorous field, what are the challenges you have faced to reach your current position as Group Head of Maxus?

Media looks glamorous only from the outside but I really think it’s the most hardworking industry. The biggest challenge in this field is the constant race against time. There is ideally no tomorrow, everything has to be done “Today” & that too “NOW”. This is just not the place for people who believe in tomorrow.

Q. Today trend is slowly changing from traditional to digital world; do you feel five years down the line online media will become the more dominant?

Everything is going to be digitalized and that’s sure going to happen soon. In fact digital is becoming a part of the plans already. Even the small clients want to include the new media “Online” in to their plans and why not it’s an efficient medium, its sharp targeted and wastage is minimal.

Q. What advice would you like to give to new comers who wish to get in to media sector?

I would like to say just few things ─ Love what you do. Believe in yourself and your ideas and be honest to your work you really then don’t need to think about anything else.

Q.What is the scope for growth in media?

The scope here is unlimited. It completely depends on you where you want to take yourself.

– Bharati Sharma | Business Group Head, Maxus


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