Matrix IP based Building Intercom Solution Reduces 40% cabling cost for a Kolkata based Real Estate Group.

Matrix IP based Building Intercom Solution Reduces 40% cabling cost for a Kolkata based Real Estate Group.


Binayak group is a Kolkata based real estate firm providing a wide range of residential and commercial projects. For an upcoming project of multiple residential towers, the firm wanted to set a communication network. They wanted an IP based intercom system to minimize cabling costs. Also, the communication system had to be scalable for future expansion and manageable from remote location.


The group required an intercom solution that can overcome following challenges:

  • Alternative solution for complex cabling and costs associated with traditional intercom systems.
  • Connectivity between two systems and transparent availability of calling features.
  • Scalability of system capacity to support future expansion plans.
  • Advanced intercom features to map flat to extension numbers, security extensions, security alarm and reporting, paging with public addressing system.


Matrix along with channel partner – Amtel Communication offered IP based Building Intercom solution. Matrix offered ETERNITY LE and ETERNITY ME – The IP-PBXs for two different blocks with 10+ residential towers in each block. Further, both the blocks were interconnected over IP through optic fiber network which eliminated one-to-one cabling of extensions in both the blocks. This eliminated complex cabling between two blocks and subsequently reduced the cabling cost up to 40%. Matrix Building Intercom solution provides a compact platform with convenient features and flexible functionalities, eliminating the need of large power supply and multiple cabinets.

  • Block A – 15 Towers each with 50 Flats Connected with   ETERNITY LE
  • Block B – 11 Towers each with 29 Flats Connected with   ETERNITY ME
  • Reduced Cabling Costs by connecting separate Towers over Peer-to-Peer IP Networking.
  • Remote management of all systems eliminating personal site visits for configurations or minor changes

Application Scenario




  • Reduced up to 40% of Cabling Cost
  • Residents can communicate quickly between the blocks just by dialing extension numbers.
  • Easy to manage and configure the system with web based GUI.
  • Open to future scalability plans.

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