Poetry Workshop, British Council event conducted by Poets Choice at Rizvi Springfield High School on 9th Oct 15


Whilst the environment around remains hostile with many poets and writers, protesting against a mirage (freedom of speech), adding onto it ; there are few of us, who, do not believe in stereotyping all  human beings (of that particular sect)  with religious conflicts and thus, treating all equally.

Poet’s Choice, a poetry publishing venture is offering a platform to aspiring poets from all walks of life whether it is, young or adult, or children. New doors of opportunities opened up for us when Shitala Prabhu, Principal of Rizvi Springfield High School, approached me to motivate her children to write poems . She believed in me, as a poet, to plant the seed of interest in her students to become poets when they grow up, for which I will be forever grateful to her.

“ We are keen in inculcating the hobby of writing poems in children. We believe we could equip them with the basics to help them construct poetry,  at will.. in a spur of a moment, one day!


The vision of J.K.Roseline , our latest poet , is to approach schools and colleges all across and conduct workshops for children – beginning with Mumbai and then perhaps in other parts of the country and the world.  She has published her book to act as a Bible, of literary content to enrich young minds with knowledge, related to writing poems.

ShyamaRamsamy, another poet who published her poems with us expressed that, at first, she thought that the book would even do good to work as a guide for adults. She added, her book also explores a lot of unique flavors that could help others to learn the integrities of adding finesse to ones writing, if the readers use her book ,as a specimen reference book, to explore the art of poetry themselves.

I was in for a surprise, when, I saw the promptness with which the students of Rizvi Springfield High School  came up with their  poems. The adaptability and their ability to absorb knowledge is so pronounced, that I felt inspired to dedicate more of my  time to them by approaching more schools myself and even perhaps propose  conduct weekend workshops in the schools.


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